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How to wear brighter skin on the darkest night of the year.

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by K Bright

October is the start of many events  – autumn (for those in temperate climates), a series of many festive celebrations… and of course, Halloween. Whatever costume you’re deciding to wear, make sure your skin isn’t looking dead-on-arrival. 

Scary is Skin-Deep

You might be thinking, ‘I’m going to be in costume and makeup. No one’s going to notice.’ Okay, firstly makeup applies better, shows up best and lasts longer on good skin. Also, even if you buy the best makeup, it is still essentially chemicals and colouring that may affect the quality of your skin post-wear. Do you really want to risk it?

When it comes to skincare and your skin…

Use it or Lose it

Naturally good skin takes hard work and requires a few weeks of prep in advance, but using products with known high efficacy should help. 

Squad, the key to getting radiant, healthy, glowing skin starts with vitamin C. It effectively brightens dark areas and evens out skin tone. However due to application and storage methods, the actual amount of vitamin C our skin eventually gets from other products isn’t enough to show result. 

You’ll need a high potency product that’s packaged properly to retain its efficacy right up to use, like K-Bright’s Icy-Lock Miracle Booster Pearls, that contains 35% of pure vitamin C. Our most potent brightening experience uses leading edge icy-lock technology to give immediate and intense brightening and dewy glow for the ultimate ‘lit from within’ look. 

It is activated when you add Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum. This highly hydrating serum is enriched with a complex of active ingredients for multiple skin benefits – from lightening, to enhancing radiance, suppleness, and firming. It can be used on its own as a toning essence, but it is at its best when used with our signature booster pearls. 

After toning your skin, it’s time to lock in hydration. But if you’re like us, you also don’t like having creams that feel heavy on the skin. Made with a carefully selected Korean mineral blend and Jeju lava seawater, our Crystal Light Water Lock Gel Cream is perfect to wear both morning and night… even in balmy tropical weather.

Finally, don’t go trick or treating without the ultimate skin treat – our Crystal Bright Overnight Mask. On the night before any big event or occasion, apply liberally over your face and neck and get some beauty sleep. You’ll wake up the next day with brighter, dewy skin… just with a single dose. 

So Squad, why go to town as a witch when your skin looks so rich? 

Hopefully this sets the tone for the upcoming festive season. Go glow.