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Keep your skin glowing at your fave winter wonderlands

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by K Bright


TRAVEL | 2 min read


Already have plans to escape the heat and head for some snowy cool destination? Beware of winter elements that can harm your skin. Here are our tips for you to protect your skin at cold weather destinations with K-Bright jet-setter faves. This includes the Icy-Lock Miracle Booster Pearls: Hydra Glow, Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum, Water Lock Gel Cream, and our hard-working sun-care, Lumi-Light Day Defense SPF 50+ PA+++  a powerful routine to brighten, hydrate, and protect our skin even under harsh travel conditions.    


No heat doesn't mean no sun

Can't wait to ski down the slopes? Whether you're in the Alps or Hokkaido, it's great to feel free with the wind whistling by your ears. But Squad, don't forget to shield your skin against the harmful sun rays. Even if the sun isn’t shining as brightly, UVA and UVB rays are very much still around and they can cause dark spots and wrinkles. Those thick layers of white snow can also reflect sunlight and give you a second dose of exposure.

For this, the number one rule is to get your hands on our fast-absorbing protector, Lumi-Light Day Defense. Our lightweight sun cream protects against all UVA, UVB, and even the sneaky blue light. This leaves your skin staying hydrated, nourished, and all-round protected as you go about your travels.


Don't shop till you 'dry'

A vacation isn't a vacation if you don't get to do any shopping. Right, Squad? If you can't resist the Christmas markets and year-end sales, you'll be weaving in and out of sprawling malls or ambling down street after street. This means that your skin is repeatedly subjected to harsh winter conditions and the dry indoor heat. This could cause your skin to lose its moisture and you might end up with dry and flaky skin after a big haul. 
So Squad, plump your skin for an icy glow this winter with the our lightweight, Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream. It glides and nourishes your skin with mineral-rich Jeju lava seawater, and Korean minerals for deep penetrating hydration. Let our Water Lock Gel Cream work its magic while you lock in on those deals.





Flaunt snow-white skin 

Dry winter air can strip your skin of its natural oils and weaken the protective barrier. If your skin isn't protected or can't adapt in time, cracked skin can be a painful situation. As we know, no one wants to deal with dry and cracked skin on winter holidays; especially when you’re giving your best ice-queen look in your photos. Your perfect #nofilter selfie totally needs a flawless complexion.


To prevent returning with dull and damaged skin, tap on the brightening powers of the Icy-Lock Miracle Booster Pearls: Hydra Glow. As a skin-brightening concentrate with 3X more brightening and hydrating potency, the Booster Pearls will give your skin a natural radiant and dewy glow.

Activate the pearls with it's other half, the Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum. Especially formulated to bring out the best potency of booster pearls, our Illuminating Serum will provide you with the miracle you need on your holiday. The key ingredient of our serum is bifida ferment lysate, which strengthens your skin's natural barrier, thus keeping it moisturised and resilient against the environment. Coupled with the Icy Lock™ Complex – a blend of potent freeze-dried bio-actives and brightening ingredients – you'll be ready to put forth a radiant and velvety-smooth complexion.  So Squad, if you’re all set for your next vacay, you know what to pack to keep glowing!







Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream


Crystal Bright Lumi-Light Day Defense