Start 2020 on a bright note

by K Bright

ENTERTAINMENT | < 2 min read


We can't say for certain if you'll realise all your New Year’s resolutions in 2020. But one thing we know for sure is that great glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight, Squad. In fact, it will take a hardworking skincare product like K-Bright to do wonders – even for the glam divas from the K-Bright Squad. Read on to discover what they have to say about K-Bright, and how it has helped their skin go from dull to wow.


Calista Cuaca (@xcalikins)


“After using K-Bright, my skin has been more even-toned, luminous, and hydrated! My favourite product is the booster pearls, as it’s the freshest Vitamin-C for your serums.”

Running around between shoots and work, doesn’t stop the Insta-it-girl, Calista Cuaca  from getting the skincare that could make her skin altogether bright, dewy, and glowy. She has finally met K-Bright, the new generation of skincare brightening products.“No more worrying about tired complexion or puffy face this festive season!” Well, we believe you!



Iman Fandi (@imanfandi17)

“K-Bright’s skincare range is so easy to apply and hydrating for my skin and it’s also great that no matter how long we keep the product it won’t lose the potency and effectiveness of the product because of the activation serum! Which is an amazing invention I’ve learnt about through K-Bright.”

Being a model, student and actress; when one wears as many hats as Iman Fandi, it’s no surprise that she enjoys skincare that’s simply effective and highly potent. Diminishing product potency is a fleeting memory of the past with K-Bright’s Icy-Lock Technology. Break a Pearl, mix with a drop of serum, and you’ll have 3X brightening elixir in the palm of your hand, no BS.



Valerie Wang (@valerie_wang)

“I like the idea of working hard for something you want to achieve, there is no magic or miracle and that is what K-Bright believes too! My favourite product from the range is the Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream. This moisturizer gives off a cooling sensation after application and serves the right amount of moisture that my skin needs.”

A steadfast believer in pushing hard for her goals, social media star Valerie Wang never compromises even as she juggles the demands of her Instagram business and fashion label Unda. That’s why she needs skincare that works as hard, or even harder than her to maintain a picture-perfect complexion. Her favorite, Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream, will leave your skin feeling cool, luminous and altogether transformed.



Sophia Chong (@sophiachong)

“I’ve been using the K-Bright series for almost a month and I’m super impressed! My skin has gotten smoother, clearer, and more radiant. Definitely would recommend my friends to use it!”

If you’re into travel shows, you may have caught fashionista Sophia Chong starring in AXN’s travelogue series, the Dubai Ultimate Challenge. She also travels frequently for her design inspirations, which makes it challenging to maintain a flawless complexion through different climates and weather. But it seems like she has found just the perfect product to care for her skin. Now, you can also get your skincare regime right and your complexion bright, with our bundle series, the Youthful Radiance Set.

Inspired to usher in the new year with smoother skin? You can if you start now! Even as we wrap up the year under grey and gloomy December skies, that doesn’t mean you should fall to the dark side too. Thanks to Miracle Booster Pearls: Blemish Clear, you can leave dark spots or blemishes behind in 2019. It features K-Bright Icy-Lock Technology that keeps active ingredients–including
Vitamin C–fresh and the potent liquorice extract which helps to soothe the skin. Now, having luminous skin doesn’t have to be another failed New Year’s resolution!