Un-Iced: The Launch of K-Bright

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by K Bright

SQUAD NEWS | >2 min read

K-Bright is for the confident, unapologetic woman who takes her beauty into her own hands. So naturally, the announcement of K-Bright was going to be anything but ordinary. 

Some of K-Bright Squad’s brightest joined press and other esteemed guests at the launch of K-Bright.

The Icebreaker

Weeks before the launch, guests received an invite in the mail that teased their chance at getting their hands on a weapon to release skin brightness. You might think it’s just a product launch… but a surprise was about to be revealed.

Breakout Beauty

On a particularly warm August 15th day, our guests were greeted with a welcomingly chilled reception. Walking into our arena, the first thing they saw were giant blocks of ice. Locked within them were pearl and citrus arrangements… and the brand new K-Bright collection.

Guests were invited to use our tools provided (or their own) to break the ice and unlock the K-Bright within.

Then, things got serious. 

Like a brigade of icy warriors adorned in white, our K-Bright Squad began using hammers and chisels, and a whole assortment of random things to break apart the ice. One gungho guest even used her Chanel purse to break through the icy shards… anything to get to K-Bright. 

With such sheer determination, all the products were released from their icy blocks. 

Clearly, working hard for good skin pays off. 

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