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Why high maintenance can lead you to beautiful skin

by K Bright


LIFESTYLE | < 2 min read


Ever been labelled "high-maintenance"? Take it as a compliment. Because you're probably treating yourself well with choices befitting of a diva like you. And that's key to effective skincare. Going high maintenance with skincare isn’t just about investing in premium skincare products like K-Bright. It’s also about everyday effort in caring for your skin. Find out why your skin will love you for it.


See the difference with high-maintenance skincare products

Don't doubt it, there's a reason why skincare products come at so many different price points. The high-end ones often go through a much more complex production process to extract precious nutrients. What's more, they need to be kept fresh and potent up till it's applied onto your skin; which is why we have introduced our most cutting-edge technology, the Icy-Lock™ Technology in all K-Bright products.

As Vitamin C is notoriously hard to be kept in a stable form, K-Bright have worked with leading Korean scientists to develop our revolutionary Icy-Lock™ Technology to be at the heart of our key hero product, the Icy-Lock Miracle Booster Pearls. The Icy-Lock™ Technology suspends natural ingredients in an active state, locking in freshness and enhancing potency by up to 3X. This results in extraordinary skin brightening power.

Case in point, the skincare products in our K-Bright Flawless Radiance Set features the power-packed duo of Icy-Lock Miracle Booster Pearls: Dream Tone and Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum that will leave your skin looking expensive. The natural ingredients in our booster pearls are freeze-dried and suspended at their most potent forms. Then, they are packed and sealed in moisture-and-oxygen-proof packs. The potency of our pure actives are fully preserved until activated with our Illuminating Serum. The serum features our Icy-Lock™ Complex, which contain potent freeze-dried bio-actives, amino acids, niacinamide and vitamin C to revitalise and brighten dull skin.

In the long-term, a high-maintenance skincare product from K-Bright will be a worthy investment for maintaining youthful skin.


Live well to feel good about your great skin

It's widely known that leading a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for one's complexion. Yet, this is often a luxury for the time-deprived. It always seems tough to find the hours for beauty sleep, proper meals, and regular workouts. But here's exactly where that high-maintenance attitude should shine through! With a smooth complexion, makeup is easier to apply and lasts longer. Or, you could even go au naturel with the confidence to power through your day.

Here’s what our diva, Lafina, think about our Icy-Lock Miracle Booster Pearls,


"Freshness-controlled packaging yet the pills are packed with full of nutrients and vitamins! Been using for three weeks, my complexion does looks brighter and more even-toned.

- Lafina, kbright-sg.com

So Squad, don't hesitate to fuss a little more over yourself. Embark on your journey to high-maintenance skincare today by prioritising what you truly think is good for your skin. With the right lifestyle and skincare products, you’ll rock a great complexion. Stay glam!