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Special Package

Purchase today at Sephora, B1,100, only 1,000 sets available.

Meet your most radiant, flawless self—thanks to this exclusive skincare set from K-Bright. Featuring Icy-Lock™ technology, the set showcases the latest South Korean skincare innovation that preserves the freshness of vitamin C so well you can feel its full potency in every drop.

Packed with our best brightening offerings, including K-Bright Icy-Lock™ Treatment Powder Cleanser, K-Bright Crystal Bright Treatment Essence, K-Bright Crystal Bright Illuminating Serum, K-Bright Crystal Bright Water Lock Gel Cream and K-Bright Icy-Lock™ Miracle Booster Pearls Dream Tone, our exclusive set will leave your skin with a healthy luminous glow.